Organisational Development and Process Consulting


Consulting services for organisational and process development in the field of Facility & Real Estate Management.


  • Business strategy and development
  • Demand of core business
  • Market developments
  • Trends (sociocultural, work environments, etc.)
  • Demand of continuous improvement


  • Analysis of demands and status quo.
  • Development of a FM & REM Strategy.
  • Development of organisational structures and cooperation models.
  • Development Service Level Agreements with process partners.
  • Change Management.
  • Qualification and training of staff.
  • Design and implementation of processes (strategic, tactical, operational).
  • Development of process maps, presenting the interrelation of processes.
  • Design and implementation of methods and tools.


  • FM & REM strategy aligned with business strategy.
  • Ability to deliver services according the demand.
  • Lean organisational structures.
  • Efficient and effective processes.