teamgnesda in a nutshell

Teamgnesda, founded in 1955, is a leading Management Consulting company. It specializes in full scope company transition process consulting. With multidisciplinary services, extensive experience abroad and established offices in Vienna, Munich, Warsaw and Istanbul, Teamgnesda is proud of its successful track record with multinational companies over the course of more than 350 projects.

As a Real Estate, Facility Management and IT technology consulting company Teamgnesda offers an interdisciplinary approach taking into account people, place, process and technology to achieve sustainable, optimized and customized solutions for its clients. It creates meaningful and valuable work environments (REM), enables guaranteed and efficient operation of building and technical infrastructure (FM) and provides Information Technology expertise in multivendor environments (ITC).

Services Portfolio:

Real Estate Consulting services:
– Property Strategy, Search and Selection.
– Interior Design and Occupancy Planning.
– Relocation Management.
– Change Management/Communication.

FM Consulting Services:
– Organization and process consulting at strategic and tactical level.
– Tender and implementation of facility and industrial services.
– Quality management in FM and audit of facility services.
– FM-compliant planning and execution (new building projects).

IT & Technology Consulting Services:
– Disaster recovery and continuity advisory.
– Data center advisory.
– IT infrastructure inventory migration and relocation services.
– Cloud services adoption advisory.

Each of our services is carried out according to our unique project management and communication methods. We go further than simple advisory: we take on responsibility.